Business Consulting

graphic of two hands. one is holding an lightbulb and one is holding a money bagSimply Counted of Holland, MI offers a wide variety of business consulting services. Key elements include:

  • Strategic consulting: Long-term planning and budgeting for a company’s direction and growth, an essential task that involves every facet of operations.
  • CFO services: Overseeing accounting staff, monitoring internal controls, and providing financial statement analysis, projections, strategic planning, compliance, cash flow management, and tax planning– ideal for the shareholder or owner that has too many hats.
  • Bookkeeping or accounting services: Day-to-day accounting functions.

The areas of business consulting that your company may need are often discovered in an initial business relationship review that we conduct with you. The review helps determine the type and level of services needed based on your current situation, needs, and goals.

Our consulting services may incorporate one or more of the following:

  • Assessment of Current Operations
  • New Business Formation
  • Business Plan Assistance
  • Bankruptcy Guidance/Re-Organization Consulting
  • Organization’s Financial Picture
  • Analysis of Historical-Financial Statements
  • Entity Consultation
  • IRS Issues
  • Eldercare
  • Personal Budgeting/Debt Reduction
  • Electronic Source Documentation Storage
  • Acquisition Projects
  • Management Information
  • Strategic Planning
  • Internal Accounting Controls
  • Internal Work Flow/System Procedure Consulting
  • Debt Reduction/Cash Flow Management
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