9 Paper Documents to Keep Forever

As tax season comes to an end and you file away your records, you may be looking at your ever-growing file cabinet and wondering, “can I get rid of some of these documents?” While there are many reasons to keep or discard certain paperwork, there are some documents you should never throw away! (IRS Tax Returns and supporting documents should be kept for 5-7 years, by the way.)

Below are the 9 paper documents you should keep forever in their original form:

Infographic of nine documents to keep forever in their original physical form

9 Paper Documents You Should Keep Forever in Their Original Form

  1. Vehicle Titles & Loans
  2. Social Security Card
  3. Identification Cards & Passports
  4. Marriage License(s)
  5. Wills & Power of Attorney
  6. Pension Plan
  7. Birth Certificates & Death Certificates
  8. Business License(s)
  9. House Deeds & Mortgages
Was last modified 13 May 2019 by Diana Kasza